University of Calgary

Codie Rouleau

  • Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • General Associate
  • Sessional Instructor

Currently Teaching

Representative Publications

Rouleau, C. R., King-Shier, K. M., Tomfohr-Madsen, L. M., Bacon, S. L., Aggarwal, S., Arena, R., & Campbell, T. S. (2018). The evaluation of a brief motivational intervention to promote enrollment in cardiac rehabilitation following acute coronary syndrome: A randomized controlled trial. Patient Education and Counseling. In Press. doi: 10.1016/j.pec.2018.06.015

Rouleau, C. R., King-Shier, K. M., Tomfohr-Madsen, L. M., Aggarwal, S., Arena, R., & Campbell, T. S. (2018). A qualitative study exploring factors that influence enrollment in outpatient cardiac rehabilitation. Disability and Rehabilitation, 40(4), 469-478. doi: 10.1080/09638288.2016.1261417

Rouleau, C. R., Toivonen, K., Aggarwal, S., Arena, R., & Campbell, T. S. (2017). The association between insomnia symptoms and cardiovascular risk factors in patients who complete outpatient cardiac rehabilitation. Sleep Medicine, 32, 201-207. doi: 10.1016/j.sleep.2017.01.005

Tomfohr-Madsen, L. M., Clayborne, Z. M., Rouleau, C. R, & Campbell, T. S. (2017). Sleeping for Two: An open-pilot study of cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia in pregnancy. Behavioral Sleep Medicine, 15(5), 377-393. doi: 10.1080/15402002.2016.1141769

Garland, S. N., Rouleau, C. R., Campbell, T., Samuels, C., & Carlson, L. E. (2015). The comparative impact of Mindfulness-Based Cancer Recovery (MBCR) and Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) on sleep and mindfulness in cancer patients. Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing, 11(6), 445-454. doi: 10.1016/j.explore.2015.08.004

Rouleau, C. R., Lavoie, K. L., Bacon, S. L., Vallis, M., Corace, K., & Campbell, T. S., for the Canadian Network for Health Behaviour Change and Promotion (2015). Training healthcare providers in motivational communication for promoting physical activity and exercise in cardiometabolic health settings: do we know what we are doing? Current Cardiovascular Risk Reports, 9(29). doi: 10.1007/s12170-015-0457-2

Rouleau, C. R., Garland, S. N., & Carlson, L. E. (2015). The impact of mindfulness-based interventions on symptom burden, positive growth and biomarkers in cancer patients. Cancer Management and Research, 7, 121-131. doi: 10.2147/CMAR.S64165

Campbell, T. S., Stevenson, A., Arena, R., Hauer, T., Bacon, S. L., Rouleau, C. R., . . . Stone, J. A. (2012). An investigation of the benefits of stress management within a cardiac rehabilitation population. Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention, 32, 296-304.  doi: 10.1097/HCR.0b013e318265e0eb 


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