University of Calgary

Jingjing Wu

  • Associate Head - Graduate
  • Professor
  • Statistics and Actuarial Science

Office Hours

(Sep 07 - Dec 10)

Student Recruitment Interest

I am recruiting graduate students at both master and Ph.D levels. Those who have strong mathematical background (a must for PhD applicants) and high computing capability are especially encouraged to apply. Admitted students will get involved in research projects toward his/her graduate thesis. These projects include methodology development, analytical investigation of new methodologies, and their applications in areas such as genetics, survival analysis, econometrics, etc.

Postdocs and Graduates Supervised

Postdoctoral Associate:  Da Li (2021-2023, co-supervisors Drs. Zhang and Long), Shabnam Fani (2018-2020, co-supervisors Drs. Shen and  Lu).
PhD:  Saba Saghatchi (2021-2025, supervisor Dr. Lu), Dinghao Wang (2021-2025, supervisor Dr. Zhang), Jiang Li (2021-2024), Bowei Ding (2020-2024), Jiayi Bian (2019-2023, co-supervisor Dr. Long), Na Zhang (2018-2022), Yifu Huang (2018-2022, co-supervisor Dr. Lu), Wenyan Zhong (2014-2019, co-supervisor Dr. Lu), Tasnima Abedin (2011-2018).
Afrin Sadia Rumana (2021-2023, co-supervisor Dr. Lu),  Lin Guo (2021-2023, supervisor Dr. Shen), Pengkun Liang (2019-2021), Zhaoyu Liu (2019-2021, co-supervisor Dr. Ji), Dinghao Wang (2019-2021, co-supervisor Dr. Zhang), Jiang Li (2017-2020, co-supervisor Dr. Li), Charmaine Navis (2016-2021), Bowei Ding (2018-2020, co-supervisor Dr. Long), Hanning Chen (2017-2019, co-supervisor Dr. Shen), Katherine Burak (2017-2019, supervisor Dr. de Leon), Ajmery Jaman (2017-2019, supervisor Dr. de Leon), Liang Chen (2016-2018), Jian Yang (2015-2017, co-supervisor Dr. Li), Xiaofan Zhou (2013-2017), Aaron Sheldon (2010-2016), Saifa Raz (2014-2016, supervisor Dr. de Leon), Shanshan Lu (2014-2016, supervisor Dr. Lu), Lin Zuo (2014-2016, co-supervisor Dr. Li), Nana Xing (2011-2015), Wenyan Zhong (2012-2014, co-supervisor Dr. Lu), Xiaoran Xie (2012-2014), Guoqiang Chen (2010-2012), Yayuan Zhu (2009-2011, supervisor Dr. Lu). 


Journal Articles - Peer Reviewed


  • PhD - Statistics
    University of Alberta, 2007
  • MSc - Probability
    Beijing Normal University, 2002
  • BSc - Computational Mathematics
    Central University for Nationalities, 1999


  • 2017 - GREAT Supervisor Award - University of Calgary
  • 2017 - GSA Excellence in Supervision Nominee - University of Calgary
  • 2008 - Pierre-Robillard Award - Statistical Society of Canada


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