University of Calgary

Publications - 2009


A disturbance-inventory framework for flexible and reliable landscape monitoring

Linke, J., McDermid, G.J., Laskin, D.N., McLane, Adam, Pape, A.D., Cranston, J., Hall-Beyer, M. and S.E. Franklin

Identifying the Elements of Community Character

Davies, Wayne

“Manejo de los recursos naturales del páramo, estudio de caso Los Altos de Frías Frías, Piura ("Management of natural resources in Paramo, study of the Community of Altos de Poclus Frías in Piura”).

Watson, Ana and Sabogal, Ana

“Pastoral Social Organization of Local Peasant Communities and Conservation of the Páramo. The Case of Frias Community.”

Watson, Ana

Processing discrete-return profiling LiDAR data to estimate canopy closure for large-area forest mapping and management

McLane, Adam, McDermid, G.J. and M.A., Wulder

Welsh Americans in Rural Alberta: Origin and Development of the Wood River Welsh Settlement Area

Davies, Wayne in G.P. Marchildon Immigration and Settlement, 1870-1939: History of the Prairies West Series
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