University of Calgary

Publications - 2022


Cayo, J.C., Gentes, I., Policzer, P., and Watson, A. " From Neoliberal to Complex Territorial Governance: Unravelling the Paradox of Resistance to Mining in Chile and Peru” abstract accepted to be presented at the the 2022 Global Meeting on Law & Society. Lisbon. July 2022

Watson, Ana

"Conservation and Indigenous resistance: Protected Areas and extractive agendas in the Peruvian Amazon"

Watson, Ana and Davidsen, Conny

Equator to Pole: Using Science Diplomacy to Incorporate Best Practices from Latin America and the Caribbean for Sustainable Cruise Tourism in the Polar Regions

Campisi, Julian, Watson, Ana and Yip, Julianne

Extractivism and Pandemic Conflict in the Amazon: Indigenous Activism and Territorial Defense

Watson, Ana and Davidsen, Conny

Interstitiality in the Smart City: More than Top-down and Bottom-up Smartness

Burns, Ryan and Welker, Preston

"Make our communities better through data": The moral economy of smart city labor

Burns, Ryan and Welker, Preston

Multiscale Object-Based Classification and Feature Extraction along Arctic Coasts

Clark, Andrew, Moorman, Brian, Whalen, Dustin and Vieira, Goncalo

“Not what the doctor ordered: prioritizing transdisciplinary science on climate, environment and health in the Latin American and Caribbean region”.

Watson, Ana and Ganapati, S. Grossman, A., Tranj, J., Arbour, N., Torres, I., Stewart-Ibarra A.

Pluralismo Territorial, Gobernanza Neoliberal y Resistencia

Cayo, Juan Carlos, Gentes, Ingo, Policzer, Pablo and Watson, Ana

Pluralismo Territorial, Gobernanza Neoliberal y Resistencia

Watson, Ana and Cayo, J.C., Gentes, I., Policzer, P

Provincialising Smart Cities: From Individual Case Studies to a Global Comparative Research Agenda

Miller, Byron, Ward, Kevin, Burns, Ryan, Fast, Victoria and Levenda, Anthony

Smart Cities: Between Worlding and Provincialising

Burns, Ryan, Fast, Victoria, Levenda, Anthony and Miller, Byron

Snow Depth on Sea Ice and on Land in the Canadian Arctic from Long-Term Observations

Lam, Hoi Ming, Geldsetzer, Torsten, Howell, Stephen and Yackel, John

Upscaling ground-based structural glaciological investigations via satellite remote sensing to larger-scale ice masses: Bylot Island, Canadian Arctic

Jennings, Stephen, Hambrey, Michael, Moorman, Brian, Holt, Tom and Glasser, Neil
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