University of Calgary

Publications - 2018


A spectral mixture analysis approach to quantify Arctic first-year sea ice melt pond fraction using QuickBird and MODIS reflectance data

Yackel, John, Nandan, Vishnu, Mahmud, Mallik , Scharien, Randall, Kang, Jason W. and Geldsetzer, Torsten

Comparing L- and C-band synthetic aperture radar estimates of sea ice motion over different ice regimes

Howell, Stephen E.L., Komarov, Alexander S., Dabboor, Mohammed, Montpetit, Benoit, Brady, Michael, Scharien, Randall, Mahmud, Mallik , Nandan, Vishnu, Geldsetzer, Torsten and Yackel, John

Critical Data, Critical Technology in Theory and Practice

Burns, Ryan, Dalton, Craig and Thatcher, Jim

Datafying Disaster: Institutional Framings of Data Production following Superstorm Sandy

Burns, Ryan

Detecting Short-Term Surface Melt on an Arctic Glacier Using UAV Surveys

Bash, Eleanor, Moorman, Brian and Gunther, Allison

Erroneous sea-ice concentration retrieval in the East Antarctic

Lam, Hoi Ming, Spreen, Gunnar, Hegyster, Georg, Melsheimer, Christian and Young, Neal W.

Incidence Angle Dependence of HH-Polarized C- and L-Band Wintertime Backscatter Over Arctic Sea Ice

Mahmud, Mallik , Geldsetzer, Torsten, Howell, Stephen E.L., Yackel, John, Nandan, Vishnu and Scharien, Randall K.

Internet Mapping (The Sage Encyclopedia of the Internet)

Burns, Ryan

“Natural Gas and Environment Conflict in Upper Amazonia: Discourses, Knowledge and Power in Peru’s Camisea”. Presentation at the Postgraduate Program on Sustainable Development and Social Inequalities in the Andean Region. Freie Universität Berlin - Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. Lima, November

Watson, Ana

“Natural Gas Extraction and Conflict in Upper Amazonia: Peru’s Camisea case”.

Watson, Ana

Near-surface hydraulic conductivity of northern hemisphere glaciers

Stevens, Ian T., Irvine-Fynn, Tristram D.L., Porter, Philip, Cook, Joseph M., Edwards, Arwyn, Smart, Martin, Moorman, Brian, Hodson, Andy J. and Mitchell, Andrew C.

Queering (Meta)data Ontologies

Burns, Ryan and Hawkins, Blake

“Researching how environmental impacts of extractive projects in the Amazon are defined: Considerations from the perspective of political ecology”. Guest lecture for the Environmental Impact Course, Department of Geography. Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. Lima, Julio

Watson, Ana

Synergizing Geoweb and Digital Humanitarian Research

Burns, Ryan in Thatcher, Jim, Shears, Andy and Eckert, Joe Thinking Big Data in Geography: New Regimes, New Research

“Turn your brand into a destination”: toponymic commodification and the branding of place in Dubai and Winnipeg

Rose-Redwood, Reuben, Sotoudehnia, Maral and Tretter, Eliot
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