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Publications - 2004


A comparison of spontaneous and septally-driven hippocampal theta field and theta-related cellular activity.

Scarlett, D.A., Dypvik, A and Bland, Brian

Acuity effects on the performance of cognitive tasks.

Richards, T. and Kline, Donald

Age differences in feature selection in triple conjunction search.

Ho, G., Scialfa, Charles and Dennis, W.

Age differences in feature selection in triple-conjuntion search.

Dennis, W, Scialfa, Charles and Ho, G

Age differences in search of web pages: The effects of link size, link number and clutter.

Grahame, M, Laberge, J and Scialfa, Charles

Age differences in visual search for traffic signs under divided attention conditions.

McPhee, L, Scialfa, Charles, Dennis, W, Ho, G and Caird, J

Aging effects on binocular summation for spatial interval hyperacuity.

Gagnon, R. and Kline, Donald

Aging effects on the eye and the visual system.

Kline, Donald and Gagnon, R.

Aging Effects on the Eye & Visual System.

Kline, Donald and Gagnon, R.W.C.

Altered seizure susceptibility in juvenile rats following prenatal treatment with synthetic glucocorticoids.

Young, N.A., Teskey, Gordon Campbell, Henry, L.C. and Edwards, H.E.

Are individual-electrode AEPs reliable indicators of maturation?

Eggermont, Jos

A test of the tripartite model of anxiety and depression in elementary and high school boys and girls.

Jacques, HAK and Mash, Eric

Basal ganglia-hippocampal interactions support the role of the hippocampal formation in sensorimotor integration.

Hallworth, NE and Bland, Brian

Behavioral assessment: Sometimes you get what you need.

Mash, Eric and Hunsley, J in The comprehensive handbook of psychological assessment, Volume 3: Behavioral assessment.

Canadian Automobile Research Simulator (CARS) Network.

Caird, J., Khan, A., Kline, Donald, Nonnecke, B., Trick, L. and Bergeron, J.

Circadian Timekeeping: Behavioral and Molecular Correlates.

Antle, Michael

Cortical Plasticity and Hearing Loss.

Eggermont, Jos

Decreased neural temporal resolution in cat auditory cortex with noise induced hearing loss.

Eggermont, Jos

Design of a way-finding system for geriatric long-term care: Using human factors to make living environments more accessible

Scialfa, Charles, Laberge, J and Ho, G

Differential neuroplastic changes in cortical movement representations and dendritic morphology in epilepsy-prone and epilepsy-resistant rat strains following high-frequency stimulation.

Flynn, C, Monfils, MH, Kleim, JA, Kolb, B, McIntrye, DC and Teskey, Gordon Campbell

Effect of passenger and cellular phone conversations on driver distraction.

Laberge, J, Scialfa, Charles, White, C and Caird, J

Effects of continuous low-level stimulation after an acoustic trauma upon ABR thresholds and cortical tonotopic maps.

Eggermont, Jos

Effects of pure tone exposure on voice onset time representation in cat auditory cortex.

Tomita, M, Norena, A and Eggermont, Jos

Electrical stimulation and behaviour accelerates recovery in a model of stroke.

Teskey, Gordon Campbell

Essential skills as a predictor of safety performance among CPPI-Certified Petroleum Professional Drivers in Alberta.

Doherty, R. and Kline, Theresa

Evidence-based clinical assessment

Hunsley, J, Crabb, R and Mash, Eric

From movement representations to ultrastructure: Kindling-induced changes in rat sensorimotor neocortex.

Teskey, Gordon Campbell, Flynn, C., Goertzen, C.D., Monfils, M. H. and Henry, L.C.

Functional connectivity between the red nucleus and the hippocampus supports the role of the hippocampal formation in sensorimotor integration.

Dypvik, A and Bland, Brian

Gender and Language Differences on the Test of Workplace Essential Skills (TOWES): Using Overall Mean Scores and Item-Level DIF Analyses.

Kline, Theresa

Hippocampal theta band oscillations related to jump avoidance in the freely moving rat.

Bland, Brian

Individual and relationship qualities believed to characterize successful and unsuccessful romantic relationships.

Alibhai, A. M., Boon, Susan and Bassek, K. Q.

Induction of long-term depression is associated with decreased dendritic length and spine density in layers III and V of sensorimotor neocortex.

Monfils, MH and Teskey, Gordon Campbell

Interdisciplinary research education in communication and social interaction among healthy older adults

Scialfa, Charles, Pichora-Fuller, K and Spadafora, P

Intra-SCN Signaling: Gastrin-Releasing Peptide Activates “Cap” Cells of the SCN

Antle, Michael and Silver, R.

Kindling changes burst firing, neural synchrony and tonotopic organization of cat primary auditory cortex.

Valentine, PA, Teskey, GC and Eggermont, Jos

Kindling changes burst firing, neural synchrony and tonotopic organization of cat primary auditory cortex.

Valentine, PA, Teskey, Gordon Campbell and Eggermont, JJ

Leap of faith: The influence of trust and perceptions of risk on evaluations of ambiguous relational transgressions.

Boon, Susan, Nairn, S. L., , and

Life after breaking up: Predicting expectations about post-dissolution relationships.

Boon, Susan, Nairn, S. L. and Thomas, G.

Long-term depression and functional reorganization of the caudal forelimb area in rat sensorimotor neocortex.

Young, N.A., Flynn, C., Larson, S.E.M., Henry, L.C., Monfils, M. H., Kleim, J.A. and Teskey, Gordon Campbell

Long-term depression, neuron density, and ultrastructural analysis in layer V of rat sensorimotor neocortex.

Teskey, Gordon Campbell, Henry, L.C. and Goertzen, C.D.

Long-term potentiation induces expanded movement representations and dendritic hypertrophy in layer V of rat sensorimotor neocortex.

Monfils, MH, Vandenberg, PM, Kleim, JA and Teskey, Gordon Campbell

MAOA knockout mice are more susceptible to seizures but show reduced epileptogenesis.

Teskey, Gordon Campbell, Radford, K, Seif, I and Dyck, RH

Maturation of human auditory cortex following cochlear implantation after a period of total deafness in childhood.

Eggermont, Jos

Older adults display a larger memory span than younger adults in visual search.

Boot, W.R., Kramer, A.F., McCarley, J.S., Peterson, M.S. and Scialfa, Charles

Once more through the window: Executive control and deception in autism, MLD and preschool children.

Hala, Suzanne

Perceptual aspects of gerotechnology

Scialfa, Charles, Ho, G and Laberge, J in Gerotechnology: Research and practice in technology and aging

Preparing for war: An investigation of soldiers’ combat readiness perceptions.

Holtz, Brian, Harold, C. M. and Bliese, P. D.

Preschool children's memory for collaborative actions

Hala, Suzanne, Turner, Juanita, San Juan, Valerie and Rostad, Kristin

Preschool children’s memory for collaborative actions.

Hala, Suzanne, Turner, J., San Juan, V. and Rostad, K.

Priming of pop-out in visual search: A comparison of young and old adults.

McCarley, J, Kramer, A, Colcombe, A and Scialfa, Charles

Psychology (2nd Canadian Edition)

Boyes, Mike and Ogden, Nancy A.

Recording auditory steady-state responses in young infants.

John, M. S., Brown, D. K., Muir, Pat and Picton, T. W.

Recruiting and Selection Practice.

Chapman, Derek

Simultaneous 3T fMRI and High Density Recording of Human Auditory Evoked Potentials.

Scarff, CJ, Reynolds, A, Goodyear, BG, Ponton, CW, Dort, JC and Eggermont, Jos

Skilled-learning-induced potentiation in rat sensorimotor cortex: a transient form of behavioral LTP.

Monfils, MH and Teskey, Gordon Campbell

Stimulus dependence of spectro-temporal receptive fields in cat primary auditory cortex.

Valentine, PA and Eggermont, Jos

Success and Survival in the Lecture Hall.

Kline, Donald

Team Leadership Skills and Executive Team Performance.

Kline, Theresa

Temporal/spatial expression patterns of canonical clock genes and clock-controlled genes in the suprachiasmatic nucleus.

Hamada, T, Antle, Michael and Silver, R

The aging eye and transport signs.

Kline, Donald and Dewar, RE in The Human Factors of Transport Signs

The cortex and tinnitus.

Eggermont, Jos in Tinnitus: theory and management.

The Effect of MR Scanner Noise on Auditory Cortex Activity using fMRI.

Scarff, CJ, Eggermont, Jos, Dort, JC and Goodyear, BG

The effect of passenger and cellular phone conversations on driver distraction.

Laberge, J., Scialfa, Charles, White, C. and Caird, J.

The Elaboration Likelihood Model Job Ads and Job Choices.

Shultz, J., Jones, D.A. and Chapman, Derek

The Influence of Supplementarity and Complementarity on Subjective Person-Organization Fit.

Piasentin, K. and Chapman, Derek

The Neuroscience of tinnitus.

Eggermont, Jos and Roberts, LE

The power of theta: providing insights into the role of the hippocampal formation in sensorimotor integration.

Bland, Brian

The relationship between organizational and individual variables to on-the-job-accidents and accident-free kilometers.

Caird, J. and Kline, Theresa

The role of aging in semantic category search.

Cheal, J.L., Ho, G. and Scialfa, Charles

The role of collaboration in enhancing executive control in 3-year-olds in the windows task.

Hala, Suzanne

The role of executive function in constructing an understanding of mind.

Hala, Suzanne

The role of Period1 in non-photic resetting of the hamster circadian pacemaker in the suprachiasmatic nucleus.

Hamada, T, Antle, Michael and Silver, R

Varied-mapping conjunction search: Evidence for rule-based learning

Scialfa, Charles, McPhee, L and Ho, G

Video game playing style and personality

Bolton, Amanda and Fouts, Gregory

Visual Materials to Meet the Instructional Challenges of Classroom, Lab, or Web.

Kline, Donald

Visual materials to meet the instructional demands of the classroom, lab or Web.

Kline, Donald
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