University of Calgary

Publications - 2012


An abundance of riches: Cross-task comparisons of semantic richness effects in visual word recognition

Yap, Melvin, Pexman, Penny, Wellsby, Michele, Hargreaves, Ian and Huff, Mark

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and cardiac vagal tone: A systematic review

Rash, Josh and Aguirre-Camacho, A.

Cardiac vagal reactivity during relived sadness is predicted by affect intensity and emotional intelligence.

Rash, Josh and Prkachin, Ken

Constructing masculinities: A discourse analysis of the accounts of single-at-midlife women. Paper presented at the International Conference on Language and Social Psychology (ICLASP 13), Leeuwarden, NL.

Moore, Jennifer and Radtke, H. Lorraine

Indigenous youth suicide: A systematic review of the literature

Harder, H. G., Rash, Josh, Holyk, T., Jovel, E. and Harder, K.

Individual moralities and institutional ethics: Implications for the Canadian Code of Ethics for Psychologists.

Clark, Cameron

Influences of labor force participation among persons with disabilities: A systematic review of the literature

Harder, H. G., Rash, Josh and Nelson, S.

Interpolated task effects on direct and mediated false recognition: Effects of initial recall, recognition, and the ironic effect of guessing

Huff, Mark, Coane, Jennifer, Hutchison, Keith, Grasser, Elisabeth and Blais, Jessica

Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) improves distress in two different chronic illnesses.

Zernike, K., Savage, Linette, Lounsberry, J., Zhong, L., Blustein, P., Campbell, T. and Carlson, L.E.

P206 – Trainee research grant recipient – 2012 (BASIC) Oxytocin facilitates analgesia for acute pain in humans. Pain Research & Management, 17, 231-232.

Rash, Josh and

Protect the individual or protect the relationship? A dual-process model of indirect risk exposure, trust, and caution

MacKinnon, Stacey, L. and Boon, Susan

Psychological autopsy in the investigation of serial neonaticides

Dalby, J. Thomas and Burton, S.

Reassessing the basis of the production effect in memory.

Bodner, Glen and Taikh, Alexander

Seven-month-olds' Discrimination of Statements and Questions.

Geffen, Susan and Mintz, Toben H.

Talking about men: An analysis of the accounts of women who are single at midlife. Poster presented at the Canadian Psychological Association 73rd Annual Convention, Halifax, NS.

Moore, Jennifer and Radtke, H. Lorraine

The costs and benefits of production in recognition.

Bodner, Glen, Taikh, Alexander and Fawcett, Jonathan

The effect of perspective on the perceived outcomes of romantic revenge: Comparing affective and empathic forecasting.

Rasmussen, Kyler, Boon, Susan and Issler, Amanda

The nature of nurture: A reconciliation of intuition and empirical findings regarding the long-term effects of parenting on child outcome

Clark, Cameron

The production effect in recognition: increased distinctiveness vs. lazy reading.

Taikh, Alexander and Bodner, Glen

The relationships between perfectionism, religious motivation, and mental health utilization among Latter-Day Saint students.

Rasmussen, Kyler, Yamawaki, Niwako, Moses, Jamie, Powell, Linda and Bastian, Brandon
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