University of Calgary

Publications - 1969


A many-facetted problem of {Z}arankiewicz

Guy, Richard

A note on topological parallelizability

Varadarajan, Kalathoor

A problem of {Z}arankiewicz

Guy, Richard

Automatic errorbounds for the approximate solution of equations

Rokne, J. and Lancaster, Peter

Critical values for Van der Waerden, Savage and Klotz tests

Nosal, Miloslav and Sidak, Z.

Effectively retractable theories and degrees of undecidability

Jones, James P.

Extremal point and edge sets in {$n$}-graphs

Sauer, Norbert

Generalised {G}ottlieb groups

Varadarajan, Kalathoor

Independent recursive axiomatizability in arithmetic

Jones, James P.

Maximal subsets of a given set having no triple in common with a {S}teiner triple system on the set

Sauer, Norbert and Sch{\"o}nheim, J.

On a conjecture of {M}ilnor

Varadarajan, Kalathoor

On some applications of a theorem of {B}rowder-{L}evine-{L}ivesay

Swarup, G. A. and Varadarajan, Kalathoor

On the exact distributions of {V}otaw's criteria for testing compound symmetry of a covariance matrix

Consul, Prem C.

On the existence of certain minimal regular {$n$}-systems with given girth

Kuich, W. and Sauer, Norbert

Remarks on a certain hypothesis in singular perturbations

Chang, Kok Wah

Singular perturbations of initial value problems over a finite interval

Chang, Kok Wah and Coppel, W. A.

Spectral properties of a polynomial operator

Pattabhiraman, M. V. and Lancaster, Peter

Spreads which are not dual spreads

Bruen, Aiden and Fisher, J. C.

The coarseness of the complete bipartite graph

Beineke, Lowell W. and Guy, Richard

The decline and fall of {Z}arankiewicz's theorem

Guy, Richard

The exact distributions of likelihood criteria for different hypotheses

Consul, Prem C.

Theory of matrices

Lancaster, Peter

The primes {$1093$} and {$3511$}

Guy, Richard

The toroidal crossing number of {$K\sb{m,n}$}

Guy, Richard and Jenkyns, T. A.

The trivariate distribution of the maximum queue length, the number of customers served and the duration of the busy period for the {$M/G/1$} queueing system

Enns, Ernest

Two problems in singular perturbations of differential equations

Chang, Kok Wah
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