University of Calgary

Publications - 2019


A fourth-order optimal finite difference scheme for the Helmholtz equation with PML

Dastour, Hatef and Liao, Wenyuan

A marginal indemnification function approach to optimal reinsurance problem under Vajda condition

Jiang, Wenjun

An Introduction to Sheaves and Sites

Vooys, Geoff

Applying Hawkes Processes in High Frequency Trading

Guo, Qi, Qiyue He and Aiden Huffman

Balanced independent sets in graphs omitting large cliques

Laflamme, Claude, Woodrow, Robert, Soukup, Daniel and Aranda, Andres

Closed-form variance swap prices under general affine GARCH models and their continuous-time limits

Badescu, Alexandru, Cui, Zhenyu and Ortega, Juan-Pablo

Comparison of survival models with application to head neck and lung cancers.

Hu, Hongsheng and Kopciuk, Karen

Controlled Reflected SDEs and Neumann Problem for Backward SPDEs

Bayraktar, Erhan and Qiu, Jinniao

Density Hypercubes, Higher Order Interference and Hyper-Decoherence: a Categorical Approach

Gogioso, Stefano and Scandolo, Carlo Maria

Efficient estimation of the varying-coefficient partially linear proportional odds model with current status data

Lu, Shanshan, Wu, Jingjing and Lu, Xuewen

Estimation of model parameters of dependent processes constructed using Lévy Copulas

Jiang, Wenjun, Hong, Hanping and Ren, Jiandong

Group Bridge Approach for Component Selection in Nonparametric Accelerated Failure Time Additive Regression Model.

Huang, Longlong, Kopciuk, Karen and Lu, Xuewen

Improved efficiency of a linearly homomorphic cryptosystem

Das, Parthasarathi, Jacobson Jr., Michael J. and Scheidler, Renate in Carlet, C., Guilley, S., Nitaj, A. and Souidi, E.M. Codes, Cryptology and Information Security, Third International Conference (C2SI 2019), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 11445

Introduction to Causal Inference and Targeted Maximum Likelihood Estimation

Sevinc, Emir

Jacobian versus infrastructure in split hyperelliptic curves

Rezai Rad, Monireh, Jacobson Jr., Michael J. and Scheidler, Renate in Gueye, C.T., Persichetti, E., Cayrel, P.-L. and Buchmann, J. First International Conference on Algebra, Codes and Cryptography (A2C 2019), Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol. 1133

Limit Theorems of Multivariate Hawkes process and their Applications in LOB

Guo, Qi

LSWAVE: a MATLAB software for the least-squares wavelet and cross-wavelet analyses

Ghaderpour, Ebrahim and Pagiatakis, Spiros D

Minimizing the mean projections of finite ρ-separable packings

Bezdek, Karoly and Langi, Zsolt

Moment-Based Density Approximation Techniques as Applied to Heavy-Tailed Distributions

Kang, Sang Jin, Provost, Serge B. and Ren, Jiandong

Multichannel antileakage least-squares spectral analysis for seismic data regularization beyond aliasing

Ghaderpour, Ebrahim

Multivariate Hawkes process and their Applications

Guo, Qi

Non-stationary and unequally spaced NDVI time series analyses by the LSWAVE software

Ghaderpour, Ebrahim, Ben Abbes, Ali, Rhif, Manel, Pagiatakis, Spiros D and Farah, Imed Riadh

Non-stationary and Unequally Spaced NDVI time series analyses by the LSWAVE software - 27th IUGG General Assembly, IUGG19-2184

Ghaderpour, Ebrahim, Ben Abbes, Ali, Rhif, Manel, Pagiatakis, Spiros D and Farah, Imed Riadh

On contact graphs of totally separable domains

Bezdek, Karoly, Khan, Muhammad and Oliwa, Michael

On optimal reinsurance treaties in cooperative game under heterogeneous beliefs

Jiang, Wenjun, Ren, Jiandong, Yang, Chen and Hong, Hanping

Optimal reinsurance design with risk constraint: a simplified approach

Jiang, Wenjun and Ren, Jiandong

Proceedings of the Thirteenth Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium (ANTS-XIII), The Open Book Series, vol. 2

Scheidler, Renate and Sorenson, Jonathan

Prospective cohort study of secondhand smoke exposure: effectiveness of provincial tobacco legislation in reducing exposure to secondhand smoke among participants of Alberta’s Tomorrow Project cohort.

Haig, Tiffany, Akawung, Alianu, Whelan, Heather, Rajabi, Ala, Vena, Jennifer and Kopciuk, Karen

System reliability assessment with dependent stochastic degradation processes modeled using Levy copula

Jiang, Wenjun, Ren, Jiandong, Zhou, Wenxing and Hong, Hanping

The Entanglement of a Bipartite Channel

Gour, Gilad and Scandolo, Carlo Maria

The Greenberg Functor is Site Cocontinuous

Vooys, Geoff

Uniqueness of Viscosity Solutions of Stochastic Hamilton-Jacobi Equations

Qiu, Jinniao and Wei, Wenning

Variance swaps valuation under non-affine GARCH models and their diffusion limits

Badescu, Alexandru, Chen, Yuyu, Couch, Matthew and Cui, Zhenyu

Volumetric Discrete Geometry

Bezdek, Karoly and Langi, Zsolt
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