University of Calgary

Publications - 1991


At the Will of the Body: Reflections on Illness (Translations in Spanish, Dutch, German, and Japanese)

Frank, Arthur W.

Cultural Capital, Gender, and the Structural Transformation of the Legal Profession

Arnold, Bruce, Kay, F., Hagen, J. and Zatz, M.

Die Dialektik von Veränderung und Kontinuität im Familenleben-Das Fallbeispiel Kanada

Lupri, Eugen

Ethnic Groups and Marital Choices: Ethnic History and Marital Assimilation in Canada, 1871 and 1971

Kalbach, Madeline

Fathers In Transition

Lupri, Eugen

Left/Right Orientation and Political Attitudes: A Reappraisal and Class Comparison.

Langford, Tom

Sport and Collective Violence

Young, Kevin

The Measurement of Burnout Revisited

Wallace, Jean

Violence in the Workplace of Professional Sport from Victimological and Cultural Studies Perspectives

Young, Kevin
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