University of Calgary

Publications - 2014


Analysis of the 1st Provincial Settlement and Integration Forum

Wong, Lloyd and Sommerfeld, Caroline

Careers in Serious Leisure: From Dabbler to Devotee in Search of Fulfillment

Stebbins, Robert

Carrying a Weapon to School: The Roles of Bullying Victimization and Perceived Safety

Esselmont, Chris

China and South Asia: Contention and Cooperation Between Giant Neighbors

Chen, Xiangming, Banerjee, Pallavi, Toor, Gourav and Downie, Edmund

Does Age Matter? Informal Learning Practices of Younger and Older Adults

Vermeylen, Laurie and McLean, Scott

How Physicians Identify with Predetermined Personalities and Links to Perceived Performance and Wellness Outcomes: A Cross-Sectional Study

Wallace, Jean and Lemaire, J.

Immigrant Skill Utilization: Trends and Policy Issues

Reitz, Jeffrey, Curtis, Josh and Elrick, Jennifer

Indexing Integration - A Review of National and International Models

Wong, Lloyd, Jedwab, Jack, Soroka, Stuart, Bioldeau, Antoine, Dasko, Donna, Harell, Allison and Satzewich, Vic

Instrumental and Socioemotional Communications in Doctor-Patient Interactions in Urban and Rural Clinics

Wallace, Jean and Desjarlais-de Klerk, Kristen

International Solidarity or Renewed Trade Union Imperialism? The AFL-CIO and Garment Workers in Bangladesh

Rahman, Zia and Langford, Tom

Intersectionality in Organizational Research, 1990-2009.

Allison, Rachel and Banerjee, Pallavi

I wouldn’t have had a clue how to start: Reflections on empowerment and social engagement by former youth journalists

Lightman, Naomi and Hoechsmann, Michael in Sherri Hope Culver and Paulette Kerr Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue Yearbook 2014: Global Citizenship in a Digital World

Learning on the margins of adult education: Self-help reading about health, relationships, and career success

McLean, Scott

Machines, People, and Social Interaction in 'Third-Wave' Coffeehouses

Manzo, John

Networks of trainees: Examining the effects of attending an interdisciplinary research training camp on the careers of new obesity scholars

Godley, Jenny, Glenn, Nicole M, Sharma, Arya M and Spence, John C

Reframing reading youth writing

Hoechsmann, Michael and Lightman, Naomi in Julian Sefton-Green and Jennifer Rowsell In Learning and Literacy Over Time: Longitudinal Perspectives

The role of memoirs and non-fiction accounts of genocide in creating new imagined communities: Rwanda and Sudan

Madibbo, Amal and O'Neill, Kate

The Serious Leisure Perspective: An Introduction

Stebbins, Robert and Elkington, Sam

Transitions and Pathways: Self-Help Reading and Informal Adult Learning

McLean, Scott and Vermeylen, Laurie

Working-Class Power and the Collapse of the Domestic Steam Coal Market: Lessons from the Crowsnest Pass in the 1950s and 1960s

Langford, Tom in Leadbeater, David Resources, Empire & Labour: Crises, Lessons & Alternatives
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