University of Calgary

Publications - 2010


Against the Grain: Couples, Gender and the Reframing of Parenting

Ranson, Gillian

Autonomy and Compliance: How Qualitative Sociologists Respond to Institutional Ethical Oversight

Taylor, Judith and Patterson, Matt

"Calgary à la lumiere: Étude de la redefinition d’une francophonie urbaine. (Calgary in the spotlight: A Study of the Redefinition of an Urban Francophonie.) Une étude commanditée par le Cercle de collaboration Sous l‘égide de l‘ACFA, Régionale de Calgary. 266 pp."

Hébert, Yvonne and Wanner, Richard

Canada’s Contributions to the Resolution of the Darfur, Sudan’s Conflict

Madibbo, Amal and Soleski, Ashley

Citizenship and Belonging to Canada: Religious and Generational Differentiation

Wong, Lloyd and Simon, Roland

Coffee, Connoisseurship, and an Ethnomethodologically-Informed Sociology of Taste

Manzo, John

Educational Expansion or Credential Inflation? The Evolution of Part-time Study by Adults at McGill University, Canada

McLean, Scott and Rollwagen, Heather

Ethics, economics and the regulation and adoption of new medical devices: case studies in pelvic floor surgery

Ross, Sue, Weijer, Charles, Gafni, Amiram, Ducey, Ariel, Thompson, Carmen and Lafreniere, Rene

French Language Immigration in Calgary

Hébert, Yvonne and Wanner, Richard in Gallant, N. Francophone Immigration in Canada

How Security Officers Perceive Themselves Relative to the Police

Manzo, John

Interprofessional Relationships in the Field of Obesity: Data from Canada

Godley, Jenny and Russell-Mayhew, Shelly

Is More Truly Merrier? Mentoring and the Practice of Law

Kay, F.M. and Wallace, Jean

L’identité raciale et ethnique des immigrants africains francophones. In Cahier de la recherche actuelle sur l’immigration francophone au Canada. The Quebec Metropolis Centre, immigration et métropoles, Montreal

Madibbo, Amal

Not All Coping Strategies are Created Equal: A Mixed Methods Study Exploring Physicians' Self Reported Coping Strategies

Lemaire, J. and Wallace, Jean

Physician Nutrition and Cognition during Work Hours: Effect of a Nutrition Based Intervention

Lemaire, J., Wallace, Jean, Dinsmore, K., Lewin, A.M., Ghali, W.A. and Roberts, D.


Madibbo, Amal in Sage Encyclopedia for Case Study Research

Reshaping American Social Policy? Conservative Ideas and Institutional Change

Beland, Daniel and Alex Waddan

Small area contextual effects on self-reported health: Evidence from Riverside, Calgary

Godley, Jenny, Haines, Valerie, Hawe, Penelope and Shiell, Alan

Socio-economic status and body mass index in Canada: Exploring measures and mechanisms

Godley, Jenny and McLaren, Lindsay

Technologies of Caring Labor: From Objects to Affect

Ducey, Ariel in 2345

The African Identities within the Francophone Diaspora in Canada

Madibbo, Amal in Canadian Society: Global Perspectives

The Introduction of an Electronic Patient Care Information System and Health Care Providers' Job Stress: A Mixed Methods Study.

Wallace, Jean, Friesen, S.P, White, D.E., Gilmour, J.G. and Lemaire, J.B.

The Limitations of Global Social Movement Unionism as an Emancipatory Labour Strategy in Majority World Countries.

Rahman, Zia and Langford, Tom

The Management of Ethnicity in the African Contexts

Madibbo, Amal

The Racial and Ethnic Identity of African Francophone Immigrants”. Current Research Compendium on Francophone Immigration in Canada. The Quebec Metropolis Centre - Immigration et métropoles. Montreal, Quebec

Madibbo, Amal

The Social Basis of Scientific Discoveries (Digital re-issue of 1981)

Brannigan, Augustine

The textual organization of placement into long-term care: Issues for adults with mental illness

Lane, Annette M., McCoy, Liza and Ewashen, Carol

Work Hard, Play Hard? A Comparison of Male and Female Lawyers' Time in Paid and Unpaid Work and Participation in Leisure Activities

Wallace, Jean and Young, M.C.
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