University of Calgary

Publications - 1996


Continuing Education and the Postmodern Arts of Power

McLean, Scott

Exploring the Determinants of Support Provision: Provider Characteristics, Personal Networks, Community Contexts and Support Following Life Events

Haines, Valerie, Beggs, John J. and Hurlbert, Jeanne S.



Justice and the Paradox of the Contented Female Worker

Mueller, Charles and Wallace, Jean

Situational Contingencies Surrounding the Receipt of Informal Support.

Haines, Valerie, Beggs, John J. and Hurlbert, Jeanne S.

Social Capital, Violations of Trust and the Vulnerability of Isolates: The Social Organization of Law Practice and Professional Self-Regulation

Arnold, Bruce and Kay, Fiona M.

State Complicity in Sports Assault and the Gender Order in Twentieth Century Canada: Preliminary Observations.

Wamsley, K and Young, Kevin

Taking Turns and Taking Sides: Opening Scenes from Two Jury Deliberations

Manzo, John

The Politics of the Canadian New Middle Class: Public/Private Sector Cleavage in the 1980s.

Langford, Tom

The State and the Family; A Comparative Analysis of Family Policies in Industrialized Countries

Gauthier, Anne
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