University of Calgary

Publications - 2016


Art, Language, and Spirituality in Health Care Physicians' Reflections on Death and Dying upon Completion of a Palliative Medicine Fellowship.

Arnold, Bruce, Lloyd, Linda and von Gunten Charles F.

Association between subjective social status and cardiovascular disease and cardiovascular risk factors: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Tang, KL, Rashid, R, Godley, Jenny and Ghali, WA

Class and Environmental Justice Politics in the Demolition of Natal and Michel, 1964-1978

Langford, Tom

Emily’s Maternal Ideal: Pregnancy, Birth, and Resistance at Kingston Penitentiary

McCoy, Ted

Ensuring Healthy Aging For All: Home Care Access in Ontario

Um, Seong-gee and Lightman, Naomi

From Cultural Deprivation to Individual Deficits: A Genealogy of Deficiency in Inuit Adult Education

McLean, Scott

"H-1B Visas." Contemporary Issues of People of Color: Surviving and Thriving in the U.S. Today

Banerjee, Pallavi and Manohar, Namita in
Image of It Takes A Village: The case for universal daycare

It Takes A Village: The case for universal daycare

Langford, Tom

Older Workers and the Diminishing Return of Employment: Changes in Age-based Income Inequality in Canada, 1996-2011

Curtis, Josh and McMullin, Julie

“Perceptions of Social Class.” In G. Reitzer (ed). Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology, 2nd Ed. New Jersey: Wiley-Blackwell Publishing.

Curtis, Josh

Playing through the pain: A university-based study of sports injury

Jessiman-Perreault, G. and Godley, Jenny

Social Mobility and Class Identity: The Role of Economic Conditions in 33 Societies, 1999-2006

Curtis, Josh

Sorting or shaping? Examining the relationship between immigration policy and immigrant economic outcomes using the longitudinal survey of immigrants to Canada.

Lightman, Naomi and Elrick, Jennifer

The Global City versus the City of Neighborhoods: Spatial Practice, Cognitive Maps, and the Aesthetics of Urban Conflict

Patterson, Matt

The Look and Feel of Resilience: A Qualitative Study of Physcians’ Perspectives

Polachek, A., Wallace, Jean, Gautum, M., de Grood, J.A. and Lemaire, J.B.

The perspective of community-based organizations in school-based violence prevention programming: An action research project.

Claussen, Caroline, Wells, Lana, Exener-Cortens, Deinera, Abboud, Rida and Turner, Alina

The use of Outcome Harvesting in learning-oriented and collaborative inquiry approaches to evaluation: An example from Calgary, Alberta.

Abboud, Rida and Claussen, Caroline

The Way Forward: African Francophone immigrants negotiate their multiple minority identities

Madibbo, Amal

The WiseGuyz program: Sexual health education as a pathway to supporting changes in endorsement of traditional masculinity ideologies.

Claussen, Caroline

Understanding the environment: Domestic violence prevention in urban Aboriginal communities.

Goulet, Sharon, Lorenzetti, Liza, Walsh, Chrisine, Wells, Lana and Claussen, Caroline
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