University of Calgary

Publications - 2008


A Subcultural History

Young, Kevin and Atkinson, M in Atkinson, M and Young, Kevin Tribal Play: Subcultural Journeys through Sport

Citizen attitudes toward the police in Canada

O'Connor, Christopher

Deviance and Social Control in Sport

Atkinson, M and Young, Kevin

Extending Resources, Fostering Progress, or Meeting Needs? University Extension and Continuing Education in Western Canada.

McLean, Scott

Family Composition, Birth Order, and Marriage Patterns in Alsace, 1750-1882.

McQuillan, Kevin

Federalism, Nationalism, and Social Policy Decentralisation in Canada and Belgium

Beland, Daniel and Lecours, André

Foucauldian Constructionism

Miller, Leslie in

Handbook of Social Constructionist Research (Eds: J.A. Holstein and J.F. Gubrium)


From Violence in Sport to Sports-Related Violence

Young, Kevin in Houlihan, B Sport and Society: A Student Introduction (Second Edition)

Greyhound Racing and Sports-Related Violence

Atkinson, M and Young, Kevin in Arluke, A and Sanders, C Between the Species: Readings in Human-Animal Relations

Institutional Ethnography and Constructionism

McCoy, Liza in Handbook of Constructionist Research, ed. J.A. Holstein and J.F. Gubrium

Los cuatro pilares: ciudadanía, capitalismo, hermandad espiritual y virtù en la ciudad occidental de Max Weber (The four pillars of Max Weber's occidental city: citizenship, capitalism, spiritual brotherhood and virtù).

Robles Bastida, Nazario

Nationalism and Social Policy: The Politics of Territorial Solidarity

Beland, Daniel, and Lecours, André

"Panning for Gold - an institutional ethnography of health relations in the process of diagnosing autism in British Columbia". Presented at the Society for Study of Social Problems, New York, New York.

Corman, Michael

Parenthood and Commitment to the Legal Profession: Are Mothers Less Committed than Fathers?

Wallace, Jean

Parenthood and Productivity: A Study of Demands, Resources and Family-Friendly Firms

Wallace, Jean and Young, Marisa

Patient/Healer Interactions and New Mediations – Texts and Institutional Ethnography. Presented at the Canadian Sociological Association, Vancouver, May, 2008.

Corman, Michael

Precarious beginnings: Gendered risk discourses in psychiatric research literature about postpartum depression.

Godderis, Rebecca

Preference or Propinquity? The relative contribution of selection and opportunity to friendship homophily in college.

Godley, Jenny

Progress, Public Health, and Power: Foucault and the Homemakers' Clubs of Saskatchewan

McLean, Scott and Rollwagen, Heather

Rapid Fertility Decline in Iran: An Analysis of Intermediate Variables.

Erfani, Amir and McQuillan, Kevin

Rates of Induced Abortion In Iran: The roles of contraceptive use and religiosity.

Erfani, Amir and McQuillan, Kevin
Image of Risk Balance and Security

Risk Balance and Security

Gibbs Van Brunschot, Erin and Kennedy, Les

Social class and body mass index among Canadian adults: a focus on occupational prestige

McLaren, Lindsay and Godley, Jenny

Social Mobility in Canada: Concepts, Patterns, and Trends

Wanner, Richard in E. Grabb and N. Guppy Social Inequality in Canada: Patterns, Problems, Policies (Fifth Edition)

The Integration of Black Francophone Immigrant Youth in Ontario: Challenges and Possibilities

Madibbo, Amal

The Professionalism of Practicing Law: A Comparison Across Two Work Contexts

Wallace, Jean and Fiona Kay

Tribal Play: Subcultural Journeys through Sport

Atkinson, M and Young, Kevin
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