University of Calgary

Publications - 1997


Becker's Side-Bet Theory of Commitment Revisited: Is it Time for a Moratorium or a Resurrection?

Wallace, Jean

Beyond White Pride: Identity, Meaning, and Contradiction in the Canadian Skinhead Subculture

Young, Kevin and Craig, L.

Colliding Identities in Arctic Canadian Sports and Games.

Heine, M. and Young, Kevin

First Nations in Canada: Perspectives on Opportunity, Empowerment, and Self-Determination.

Ponting, J. Rick

Intimate Partner Violence in Canada and the United States: A Cross-National Comparison

Lupri, Eugen and Elaine Grandin

It's About Time: A Study of Hours Worked and Work Spillover among Law Firm Lawyers.

Wallace, Jean

Katoki niaru Wakamonotachi no Konnanesei (Adolescent Difficulties as Transitional Processes: Toward a Japanese-Canadian Comparisons) (published in Japanese)

Arnold, Bruce and Takahashi, Sadahiko

La fin du Welfare State: de la guerre contre la pauvreté à la guerre contre les pauvres

Beland, Daniel

Law in Action: Ethnomethodological and Conversation-Analytic Approaches to Law

Travers, Max and Manzo, John

Ethnomethodologists and Conversation Analysts have always been interested in the study of law and legal institutions and there is now a large body of empirical studies, representing a range of analytic traditions in each field. This collection introduces this literature and the research questions pursued by ethnomethodologists and conversation analysts, in an accessible form to a general audience in the inter-disciplinary field of law and society studies.


Masculinity, Sport, and the Injury Process: A Review of Canadian and International Evidence.

White, P. and Young, Kevin

Objectifying and Naturalizing Individuality: A Study of Adult Education in the Canadian Arctic

McLean, Scott

Spencer and His Critics.

Haines, Valerie

Women, Sport, and Physicality: Preliminary Findings from a Canadian Study.

Young, Kevin
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